Top 15 Most Beautiful European Christmas Markets

1. Munich Germany:(Christmas Markets)


Photo by Manuel Joseph

Munich Germany it too early to start talking about European Christmas markets? Not if you want to secure a fantastic trip to one of Christmas markets Europe most enchanting winter wonderlands. Travel across the continent, and undoubtedly you’ll discover a spectacular selection of Christmas markets, with beautifully decorated log cabins and exotic inviting beer halls, where you can plainly cozy up with a warming glass of mulled wine.

But Christmas in Europe isn’t all about beer and bratwurst; they’re also the perfect Christmas fair to pick up handmade gifts, ornate decorations and tasty sweet treats for your seasonal hamper. Along with Berlin and Cologne, Munich Christmas market boasts one of Europe’s best-loved Christmas markets 2018. Just the mention of the German city’s annual festive bash is enough to conjure up images of snow-topped lodges and glowing market stalls. And if that doesn’t get you in the German Xmas markets Christmas spirit, surely we can guarantee the aroma of roasted nuts, grilled German Christmas sausages, and spiced cider certainly will.


2. Mt Pilatus‏, Switzerland:


Photo by Daniil Silantev

Mt Pilatus‏, Switzerland Europe’s highest Christmas market is also one of the cutest. Situated above 7000 feet above sea level, it’s one of the world’s only markets where you can shop for yourself and your friends, family with a spot of snowboarding. With a firm focus on items made of using artistic hands, this is the perfect place for you to pick up all your stocking fillers.
TOP TIP: Switzerland is one of the world most beautiful tourist spot, and many say that Switzerland is a patch of heaven on planet earth.


 3. Lille, France:


France christmas markets

France, The country of beautiful fragrance and beautiful women. A giant Ferris wheel is the centerpiece of France Lille’s dazzling French Christmas markets, which takes place in the picturesque Place Rhiour town square. The French city Lille Christmas market sums up the magic of Christmas, with straight rows of majestic stalls, where you can find everything from French artworks to handcrafted wooden toys.
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 4. Dubrovnik, Croatia:


Christmas markets Europe

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Croatia’s sun-drenched Dalmatian Coast may not appear like the most apparent goal for a trek to the Christmas markets, yet the area meets the challenge at hand amid the winter months. Outstanding amongst other highlights of Dubrovnik’s Christmas markets is the breathtaking enrichments and presentations, which light up the city’s notable points of interest and UNESCO World Heritage destinations – even the city’s thirteenth-century city dividers get a makeover. The market itself gloats an immense range of slows down and shops, gaining practical experience in high-quality presents, treats, and real Croatian sustenance, as arancini and kontonjata (a sweet Christmas confection made with quince).
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 5. Stockholm, Sweden:

Stockholm christmas eve markets

Stockholm christmas eve markets

The UK’s unusual atmosphere implies you can never anticipate a white Christmas. Luckily, snow is nearly ensured in the Swedish capital. Stockholm’s (Stockholm Christmas markets) are a specific requirement in case you’re hoping to add somewhat Scandinavian enchantment to your winter occasion; with customary treats like Swedish meatballs and pear juice all on offer. Consolidate your visit to Stockholm with a voyage through the city’s best sights and attractions, including the Nobel Museum, the Riddarholm Church, and the incredible ABBA historical center, a tribute to four of the country’s highest stars.
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 6. Madrid, Spain:

Madrid christmas market

Madrid Christmas market

Searching for something extraordinary in this Christmas? For what reason not put somewhat of a Spanish turn on your Xmas Market occasion with an excursion to Madrid. Spain’s clamoring capital is a remarkable decision for a winter occasion; it’s likewise generally mellow considering the season. The city is changed amid Christmas time, with incredible presentations and a lot of light shimmers. Madrid is an impossible decision for foodies, with a flavorful choice of Spanish cooking, reflected in wine and Spanish ales. Swap the turkey for chorizo, and the Christmas pudding for delectable churls.
TOP TIP: Aside from the Christmas markets, Madrid is stuffed brimming with must-see attractions and spots of enthusiasm, including the notorious Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, the home of Real Madrid. You can frequently spare cash on your ticket by booking ahead of time.7. Berlin, Germany.


 7. Verona, Italy:

Verona italy christmas market

Verona Italy Christmas market

Every year, from the mid of November until January, the magnificent Italian city is illuminated by hundreds of lights as it plays host to a large Christmas market offering hand-made decorations and German theme specialties, along with Italian food. And believe you should head to the Arena di Verona for once in a lifetime experience of a truly stunning spectacle of over 400 nativity scenes displayed against a backdrop of lights and music.


8.Manchester, England:

Manchester christmas market

Manchester Christmas market

The Manchester Christmas Market is an award-winning occasion (it won ‘Best Market Attraction 2010’, as perceived by the National Association of British Market Authorities), and a month-long festival of everything yule running since 1998. It has been known to pull in near 900,000 visitors. Crosswise over 200 slows down, the market lashes everything from beauty care products to toys, with a lot of food on offer – reflected on wine and cinnamon treats ensured. It is additionally outstanding for its common aspect: watch out, specifically, for the paella and goulash stands.


 9. Paris, France:


Paris Christmas markets

French capital visits its magical New Year’s Eve & Christmas Fair selling traditional and native products and French arts and handicrafts. With over 400 wooden chalets, the market at La Defense (metro Grande Arche de la Defense) is the biggest one of its type In the Region, while Champs-Elysees claims to host the Paris most beautiful one. And for traditional French Christmas sweet treats head to the market at the foot of Montparnasse Tower.


 10. Innsbruck, Austria:


Crishtmas Markets

From the mid of November to January, the Tirolean capital’s Old Town showcase is a bubbly sight. Get a chance to watch the fantastic medieval houses, Christmas tree lights twinkle underneath the city’s renowned Golden Roof with the snow-cleaned Nordkette Mountains as an occasional theme you can view and peruse round more than 60 slows down showing wooden toys and hand-cut Traditional art.


 11. Moscow, Russia:


Moscow Russia Christmas Markets

Russia has One of the best Christmas markets in Europe and a must-see for everybody. There are too many stands where you can enjoy traditional Russian cuisine, such as baked potatoes with mushrooms and pickles, etc. But they close before the New Year? The purpose behind that will be that are Russians Orthodox Christians and the Orthodox observing “Christmas” on 6th January. That is the point at which they have their Christmas occasions, and numerous organizations close for an entire week. What’s more, since the Russian winter isn’t just overwhelming however long, so if you are unable to join any Christmas party or market due to your social or personal responsibilities Russian markets are ready to welcome you and believe me. These Christmas markets are one of the most beautiful Christmas markets all over the European Continent.


 12. Germany, Dresden:


Christmas Night Markets

On the off chance that you like Christmas, you’ll adore Dresden! Eleven extraordinary Christmas markets lie happy feet: From the exceptionally customary to the joyful medieval to the après-ski appeal of the Hüttenzauber – you’ll see it all. Mmmh, wouldn’t you be able to as of now notice the tempting fragrance of baked apples…?


 13. Vienna, Austria:


Vienna night Christmas markets

The Christmas Markets in Vienna Christmas market is a profoundly rooted convention. The messengers of the present-day occasions go back to the Middle Ages when in 1298 Albrecht I conceded Vienna’s subjects the benefit of holding a December Market or “Krippenmarkt.” From that point forward, the character and pervasiveness of these business sectors have changed extensively. These days, more than 20 official Advent Markets offer a considerable swath of natural endowments and mouth-watering treats.


 14. Brussels, Belgium:

Belgium -Christmas-markets

Brussels, Belgium christmas markets crafts

Five weeks loaded with captivating experiences, fragrances, slows down, incredible experience thoughts and unique tasting sessions. Euphoria and lights shone, showering visitors in the merry climate encapsulating the occasion. Winter Wonders’ allure is presently amazing, making it a key occasion in Brussels amid the bubbly season. This unfishable incident enormously adds to influence their capital city into a special city for Xmas Markets. The New Year’s Night in Brussels has much more to offer than you could ever imagine unless you visit.


15. Cologne, Germany:


Cologne Christmas nights

Consistently, the downtown area of Cologne is touched by the enchantment of the celebrations in the run-up to Christmas and Christmas markets. At the point when the Christmas arrive in Cologne open their doors on the last Monday before Advent, a great many visitors from all around the world charm at Christmas stalls at the Xmas markets of Germany.

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