Top 14 Greatest Cities for a Winter Holidays:

Do you know the cheapest time to travel on a budget in Europe is Winter holidays are a great time to explore Europe on a short and feasible budget?
Sure, during sun holidays the gardens are open, the parks are lush green, and the during sunshine holidays beaches are crowded. Be that as it may, amid a European winter you have the special opportunity to see a more „local” Europe as fewer tourists are en route.
Colder weather, ok, BUT….
Sure, the winter holidays 2018 in Europe will definitely be cold, it can be snowy, maybe even rainy. But the perfect time of year to explore Europe is your winter holidays in Europe in which you will get the chance to explore more of Europe and fewer tourists
And yes if you are planning your holidays in Europe than definitely Europe there are so many winter events happening during European winter you can enjoy and result in so many European countries and cities as your perfect winter holiday destinations.
European Christmas Markets
New Year’s Eve (obviously…)
• Winter carnivals
• music festivals



Interlaken:(Winter Holidays)


Interlaken Switzerland winter holiday destination

The European sports capital. If you are fond of winter sports than definitely, Interlaken will be on 100% one of a perfect destination for your winter holidays, no matter Whether you come here during Winter or in Summer, you can get thrilled by the endless adrenaline-filled activities.
The best part is the hotel prices are down and the hostels are cheaper than ever before.
Things to do in Interlaken:
Here is a list of top awesome things to do in Interlaken in this winter holidays of 2018:
• Snowboarding
• Skiing
• Balancer slope glider
• Bungee Jumping (even in winter!)
• kayaking
• Schilthorn
• Jungfraujoch




Prague one of the best holiday destination for winter

The city of Prague is obviously different depending on the time of year.
Visit Prague this winter holidays and get the chance to enjoy both seasonal times and in winter it was freezing cold, romantic and much less crowded.
According to some tourist, they visited the Prague Castle on winter holidays 2016 and only saw 8 more tourists around. It guesses what according to them it looked even more stunning.
Not into Castles not interested in old heritage? So don’t worry Prague has lots more for you to offer in your winter holidays.
Things to do:
• Castle Tour
• Ghost Tours with Pub Crawl
• Dinner Cruise on the river
• Visit the Jewish Quarter
• Get lost in the old town
• wander the Charles Bridge
• Take a selfie with the John Lennon wall




Budapest winter holiday destination

Hamburg is totally underrated everybody in the world knows this city by name. But it’s yet in the lie under the shadow of big, famous Berlin City. If you are more into travel and avoid crowded places than Hamburg is a true hidden gem for you and surely you can make it your next winter holidays destination.
The best time to be in Hamburg is during New Year’s Eve.


Berlin (Christmas and Snow):

Berlin -winter-holidays

Berlin winter holidays

Sure, most of the people prefer the sun holidays sitting in a beer garden surrounded by green parks, but a snowy Berlin is beautiful as well.
Snow and winter holidays are without a doubt is a significant part of the rich German culture. And have you ever heard about German Christmas Markets?
The Christmas Markets in Berlin are beautiful, making it one of the most promising winter holidays destination if you are some sort of shopaholic.




Vince, Italy the perfect winter holiday destination

What else could be more elegant and romantic than the city of Venice if you ask me I, ll recommend to stay at least 3 nights here and if you can better 4. This way you can have the time to get lost, wander, taste Venice, take snaps and “get bored”.
Get bored, meaning to indulge in the beauty of the Venice the city of love
Get the charm of Venice! In this winter holidays break 2018.


Amsterdam:(Winter Holidays)


Amsterdam winter holiday destinations

No matter you are a solo traveler or a couple Amsterdam is surely the perfect destination for your winter holidays
• Couples




Andorra winter holidays

This fact may be quite obvious to Europeans maybe. Andorra is one of the smallest countries of the European Continent, and the location is unique. If you want to see winter sun Europe than Andorra will surely be on your consideration list for your weekend breaks or winter breaks 2018





I love Bologna once you there in Bologna I am 100% sure that you and I will surely get on one page, Bologna not only perfect place in sun holidays bologna is also the perfect destination in winter sun as well and believe me I cannot express this enough. It’s a one true serious hidden gem of the European continent, and culinary capital of Italy.


Bergen in Norway:


Bergin Norway

Rich landscape Rich Culture all in one package. Bergen is known for its precious natural sceneries surroundings which can be enjoyed in particular during a long winter hike and the perfect destination for your winter holidays.
Plan to visit Bergen these winter holidays make sure having good, reliable winter clothing because of it a must of course if you are in Bergen because in Bergen you can rarely see the winter sun.


Zagreb in Croatia:


Zagreb Crotia

Winter holidays are coming but you are tight on a budget and fed up with your routine life. Want to explore desperate need of winter holidays? Zagreb in Croatia is not only cheap but it is the perfect place for couples and solo travelers. Zagreb is located in the inner part of Croatia. It is the perfect city break during winter holidays 2018. Croatia is also famous for its Cheapest Christmas Markets.




Munich, Germany

Same goes for Munich! Certainly, those brew gardens have their appeal, yet winter is a piece of the way of life. The costs for settlement are lower than in summer sun and there is still a great deal to see and to do amid the winter time frame so what are you waiting for lets Munich be your Winter holidays 2018 destination. And in winter it also has a Trump card for your enjoyment in the shape of Christmas Market of Munich Germany.


Barcelona:(Winter Holidays)



Have you ever been to Barcelona during June or July? If not: believe me It is super crowded! The old town is chock and filled with tourists, the prices are high and the sun is scorching hot. But if you are looking for winter sun Europe Barcelona perfect destination for your winter holidays in 2018.


Ghent, Belgium:


Ghent, Belgium

The new hipster paradise Ghent is a travel destination for the smart traveler. Winter can be tough in Ghent, and it is part of the culture in Belgium you think of yourself as a smart traveler so make it your winter holidays destination 2018.


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