Playa del Amor Hidden Beach Mexico the Heaven on Earth:

Playa del Amor Mexico: Hidden beach inside a cave.

Hidden Beach Mexico one of the incredible masterpiece of nature! Are you looking for a place to spend your summer holidays? Are you still confused where to go for your summer 2018 sun holidays? Definitely! Summer is just the perfect weather to plan your holidays. Somewhere around beaches and resorts. But just think what it would be like to be at one of the most stunning beaches of the world? And if you have a beach in mind so why not the hidden beach of Mexico?

Hidden Beach Mexico

Hidden Beach Mexico

Yup! We are talking about Marietta islands hidden Mexico beach.

So where is this hidden beach Mexico?

Situated in the mouth of Banderas Bay. One of beautiful Island in Las Marietas, around 22 nautical miles west of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It is framed by volcanic movement more than a large number of years; the islands are broadly secured. It also gives sanctuary to incalculable marine

Following quite a while of relevant research and a serious push to secure this archipelago, first championed by Jacques Cousteau legitimately, it was at last articulated a national spot, Parque Nacional Islas Marietas, in 2005. The recreation center traverses just about 1,400 hectares.

On one of the islands is Playa de Amor, all the more known as Secret Beach. To achieve this segregated heaven, guests need to swim through a short passage, opening up into the shocking shoreline seen.


There are various visit administrators giving day treks to this environmental wonder.

Beneath you will discover pictures of Hidden Beach alongside a video visit and extra data on Las Marietas Islands.

You can discover Playa de Amor otherwise known as Hidden Beach on Bing Maps (which on this event, oddly offers a superior view than Google Maps)


The Ecological Diversity of the Marieta Islands:

Las Marietas is a critical region for settling, shelter, multiplication, and relocation of no less than 92 types of sea-going and underwater flying creatures, local and transient. The islands shield the most significant settlement and rearing ground in Mexico for the white-topped marine swallow (Anöus stolidus) and the band-followed swallow (Sterna anaethetus), and also the most significant populace in the Pacific Ocean of the inquisitive giggling ocean gull (Larus atricilla).

It is felt that these islands are home to the most prominent populace in the realm of the pájaro bobo bistro, a penguin species, Sula leucogaster, the most recent statistics assessing them at more than 35,000 people. Alongside those, you may likewise appreciate the wonderful blue-footed booby, who additionally settles in the Galapagos Islands.

As indicated by the last logical investigation of the Las Marietas, it was resolved that the islands have the best wealth of reef angle, home to 103 of the 159 enrolled species in Banderas Bay, and also different types of coral. Amid the winter whales utilize the islands as a natural shelter from predators and sea streams.

The Hidden Beach Mexico is undoubtedly a patch of heaven present on earth. But if you are planning to for your summer holidays hidden beach Mexico should be in your wish list no doubt there are so many beautiful beaches in the world but some are God’s Masterpiece, and surely the hidden secret beach of Mexico is one of them.

If you are planning your summer holidays for now so had better Pack your bags and prepared for the journey towards the heaven patch beach of Mexico. It can provide you bunch of happiness and joy with the entirely natural environment and the brainstorming beauty.


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