Easter 2019! Top 5 Best Holiday Destinations for Easter holidays:

Woah, Easter 2019 is coming soon. You must be thinking, where to celebrate your Easter 2019, right?

Are you excited or rather confused about where to celebrate this holiday and make it worth to remember?

Let me just assist you in planning your holiday this time! Here in Europe, you can have the most entertaining and enjoyable Easter 2019 Holiday in your life as ever. You might be making plans or rather confused about Easter Holidays, willing to try something new this time. Well, don’t get confused when we have enlisted all the top and most enthusiastic cities celebrating their Easter’s like Christmas or New Year celebrations.

Their events are worth-watching and a few people from all over the world have the privilege to get to know of them. So, here we enlisted all of them to make things easy for you.  But before we start let’s just know what Easter traditions are? And why do people belonging to Christianity celebrate this day with such great enthusiasm?

What is Easter?

What is Easter? Easter, also known as Pascha and Resurrection Sunday. It is celebrated every year on Sunday of April. It has also been called a moveable feast too as it is not celebrated on the same date just as Christmas or other holidays. It is the most important day for the people who belong to Christianity.

Christians celebrate this festival as the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. In this celebration of Easter, people exchange the eggs, which has been called Easter-eggs. The egg is considered a symbol of new life since ancient times. According to the prospects of Christian, Easter eggs are said to show the appearance of Jesus Christ from the tomb and resurrection. It is also known as chocolate-filled holiday decorated with Easter baskets.

Some Typical Easter Foods

Dyeing Easter Eggs have a deep connection with this holiday as there are many stories and version religiously connected to eggs. One tradition of these Easter eggs is connected to Mary Magdalene, the first person to see Jesus after the resurrection. For many years in western Europe, Easter was known to be “Egg Holiday” and eating eggs on that day was one of its joy.

Then the tradition of Chocolate Eggs began in the 19th century from France and Germany and spread all over the world as people took it as a sacrifice to eat chocolate during the days of Lent. Another typical food pattern on Easter is eating Lamb. As they think that Jesus’s last supper was a Passover meal that must include lamb. Well, the world is full of traditions, you might celebrate it your own way. But the holidays become more meaningful if you celebrate them at a place that refills your body with all the positive energy to spend your whole year with positive vibes.

Top 5 holiday destinations for your Easter 2019:



Bristol England


Want to have fun for you Easter 2019? You will love this remarkable, excellent and scenic town! The general population of this city is so decent, careful and friendly. Appreciate a total difference in the landscape in Bristol and pay for your costs with the Bristol Pound. Take the Bristol Ferry Boat for a guided voyage through the town. Walk around, have a drink or a dinner in one of the bistro’s, eateries of the city.

Visit the first bookshops and novel shops. Bear in mind to cross the Clifton Suspension Bridge: it gives you an image of the town. When it comes to Bristol Easter 2019 celebrations, you actually don’t have to make plans for yourself as they have already done all the preparations. They arrange the events and some amazing carnivals, prepare the feats, decorate the streets and enjoy it all together.

Bristol does not come up with all Easter eggs and drinking activities well it has a lot more fun activities to offer. They will be arranging Easter 2019 Sculpture Event at Bristol Botanical garden, Bristol swing festival, Taste chocolate festival, Big Screen Bristol etc. according to its own traditions. Well, doesn’t that sound fun?

Book your inn, guest-house, B&B or condo at the best cost ensured in Bristol and appreciated 100% of this one of a kind goal at Easter. You can definitely have your best ever Easter 2019 in Bristol. England has some of the best spa hotels and top destinations in the world to make it the most reasonable and exciting celebration outside your hometown.



Prague Czech Republic

The Czech Republic:

Prague is the most romantic city second to none in Europe. Travelers like to come here, celebrate their Winter holidays, New-Year’s Eve, Christmas, Easter and many other occasions and holidays. However, likewise, it can be an ideal goal for you this Easter 2019 occasions, if you have never been to this place.

The general population of Prague cherishes their Easter by having a standout amongst the essential Easter markets, parks and historical places. The Prague Easter Markets in the Old Town Square is one of the best Easter markets in Europe. It begins on April first and goes on for three weeks. Their Easter markets are all decorated and flooded with wooden huts where you can observe traditional food, brightly-colored hand-painted eggs which Czech women can carry for you entitled with a special message.

Some dancers dressed in traditional dresses will be seen in the markets who travel all the way from the Czech Republic to Old Town Square. For children, there are farmyards where they can feed sheep, goat and they can also participate in Eastern themed activities carried in Old Town Square. The concepts of “Ugly Wednesday”, “Green Thursday”, “Good Friday”, “White Saturday” are all really interesting and the traditions carried all across the streets by young boys are really heart-touching.

Find Prague, its château, the old town, and the thousands of more things which can give you a real pleasure for your Easter 2019. Prague is also well-known for their Christmas Markets.

It is highly recommended to book your place in Prague 1 (city center) where you can have a view of all the Eastern 2019 markets and wonderful lightning views right from your hotel room and all the things are just on walking distance.

This energetic city has already planned all its events and carnivals for its people and visitors to burst parties and pirate walks on that Easter 2019. Don’t miss this chance and explore something new this Easter. Let’s join other people and their traditions to add a difference to your life.


Keukenhof-The Netherlands-Easter-2019

Keukenhof The Netherlands, Easter 2019

The Netherlands:

Going to Keukenhof Gardens is a standout amongst the most interesting activities at Easter if you are in Europe and yes, they have much more coming this time in Easter 2019. A considerable number of beautiful tulips bloom there every year and loved by people or couples celebrating their Easter at Keukenhof. You can likewise watch a customary obstruct producer at work, stroll in the beautiful town of zaanse Schans and respect its windmills. Keukenhof is without any doubt the most outstanding place amongst others for your revival of Sunday’s 1st April (Easter 2019).

It is going to be your best Easter 2019 among spring flowers that will leave you spell-bound. It will be fun not only for you but your family and children too to get amazed by the beauty of nature. The sea of its flowers will leave you in a happy spring mood. The Netherlands has much more to offer besides its Keukenhof garden from its charming cheese markets to have wonderful feats at Easter night to its seductive parks to leave you in a full romantic swing.

It is also known for its wonderful canals and yet the Amsterdam says it all. It is famous for its nightlife, amazing museums, coffee shops, Anne Frank House, art studios etc. There are some cultural events, street-decorations and special events based on Easter traditions all across the cities.

Book your ticket this Easter 2019, and avail their traveling services and special discounts this Easter holiday to turn your dreams coming true. They aren’t even costly and offer special packages to their visitors. This city has its own warmth and cultural Eve’s to make your holidays best as ever, not a choice to miss the Easter 2019.



London United Kingdom

United Kingdom:

London is an extremely extraordinary place to have your Easter 2019. Feel the nearness of well-known characters, for example, Mary Poppins, Sherlock Holmes, Bridget Jones, Oliver Twist, James Bond, Harry Potter, or Mr. Bean. Wherever in the roads, parks, shops, lodgings in London!

Spring is the best season to stroll in the parks. Take a short watercraft trip in Hyde Park and respect the 4000 trees and the remembrance of Princess Diana. Hyde Park is a safe house for peace in London. You can take rest here. Then you can visit Richmond Park and get more like to one of the 650 deer who lives there.

London is the perfect place for shopping, going to historical centers. For example, the Tate and the British Museum or merely walking around the lanes of Notting Hill.

Pick your lodging for this Easter 2019, book your guest house, and B&B flat at the best cost to ensure the best Easter 2019 Holiday in London. According to many travelers who celebrated their Easter holidays in several other destinations. They say that London has the best Easter celebrations than any other country in the world from Easter Egg Hunts to Special Events for their kids. And definitely with much more enthusiasm in the Easter 2019.

Definitely, London is going to offer something more exciting and entertaining this year too. The finest things to do in London are Easter-Sunday, Good-Friday, and Easter Monday events with some capital’s own traditions that are captivating and entertaining at the same time. Seems like London has already started planning its preparations and offering their transport and hotel services for Easter 2019 to let their guests feel the warmth of their celebrations and share it together.



Rome Italy


The best place to observe Easter 2019 in the Catholic custom is definitely Rome, Italy. Italy is the home to the Vatican, a standout amongst the most Catholic European nations. No big surprise that Easter 2019 will be celebrated here with as much enthusiasm as Christmas. You can see the Pope in Rome and celebrate your faith as well. One of its traditions is to carry the statue of Jesus or his mother Mary to carry in the streets and then enjoying the feasts that mostly include eggs, lamb, Easter pie, etc

All the Holy places are open at Easter and brimmed with individuals; however, mostly historical centers are shut on Easter Sunday and Monday in other countries. So, the visitors won’t be disappointed to give a visit to these holy places in Easter 2019 too, for example, The Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain and many more places in Rome which are the main attractions for tourists from all over the world.

Obviously, most of the eateries and shops will remain open on Easter 2019 in Rome. Find the best places and give a visit to Rome this holiday and start planning an extraordinary trek to the capital of Italy by booking your lodging, guest house, and flats at the best cost in Rome.

You will find it the most hostile place to live in and friendly people as ever. Rome is a place with thousands of tales of its own, but once you spent your Easter 2019 holidays in Rome, you will surely have stories of your own Easter Sunday, Easter bunnies, Easter Eggs & a perfect tales of your own Easter story. The holidays in Italy cover long weekends and Pasquale is observed according to which you are free to celebrate Easter Monday according to t your wish.

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